Product Discovery

Add customer-tested product ideas to your roadmap

Organise your workflow for discovery, collaborate cross-functionally, validate product opportunities with your customers, and deliver outcomes with your roadmap.

How it helps ↴

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Align everyone around the roadmap

✔ Build a visual pipeline to evaluate product opportunities

✔ Customise roadmap stages

✔ Track progress with a kanban view

✔ Export PDF [coming soon]

Gain context easily

✔ Link customer insights to product opportunities

✔ Review connected evidence

✔ See who and where the data comes from

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Work together in real-time

✔ Keep everyone informed on progress

✔ Assign team members

✔ Update opportunity status

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Keep your roadmap in sync with the latest customer insights

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Bridge the gap between research, design and product management

Provide Visibility

Share your roadmap with everyone to keep them informed on your latests plans and progress

Build Trust

Give your stakeholders visibility into your customers needs and how you’re working to address them

Align Everyone

Combine everyone’s different perspectives with customer insights into actionable requirements

Product teams love epiphany

It's not just for me, it's for leadership to better understand.

Roshini Epasinghe

Design Strategist
University of California, School of Medicine

It'’s really helpful to be able to trace how an insight or an idea emerged and what data it actually is based on.

Naima Volz

UX Consultant
Bain & Company

We can consolidate what the most common feedback is, and where it’s coming from, when it’s going to be addressed. For stakeholders, it gives a view that allows for roadmap and feedback visibility, so people can see that we launched X because 100% of people were asking for it.

Bianca Palacio

Senior Product Manager

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