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Bring all your customer learnings to one place

epiphany stores everything you need to know about your customers, like their information and research data so you can create segments, keep track of interactions, and find people to test your ideas.

How it works↴

Build a database of people you can engage

Create customer profiles, organise them into segments, tag key findings from your interactions, visualise findings across segments and see the difference in what your customers needs

How it helps ↴

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Segment customers based on their needs

✔ Filter highlights by tags, keywords

✔ View customer profiles

✔ Add segments to customer profile

Keep track of your interactions

✔ Link customer profiles to the data you gather

✔ Review findings from your past interactions

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Quickly find the right customers for your next research

✔ Search and filter customer profiles by demographics and segments

✔ Sort profiles by date of last interaction, total number of interactions, etc

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Desktop and Mobile illustration

See what’s different about your target customers’ needs

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Solve customer problems with your team

Build Empathy

Hear from your customers, in their own words, inspire your team to find solutions to their needs

Segment Needs

Keep track of who needs what, organise customers into segments, see what’s important across all your customer segments

Discover Opportunities

Identify underserved opportunities across all your customer segments, focus on addressing needs of the segments you’re targeting

Product teams love epiphany

I can easily show stakeholders all the interviewees' opinions about a topic, in their own words.

Donnie Lee

UX Researcher
Alibaba Inc

One thing I'm trying to avoid is only listening to the loud minority. I encourage my team to look at the sample size- even if it's small, it still is some kind of indication that the problem may be serious.

Karina Lim

Chief of Staff

By knowing the participants that you've spoken to, and the breakdown of their characteristics, you can make sure that you've covered a representative sample… as much as possible.

Alice Muller

UX Consultant
Farsight Consulting

We're working on a B2B product that serves two different groups of people, so it's really important for us to know who wants what, and who needs what. With epiphany we are able to use segments to do just that.

Leticia Shabaan

Director of Product Design

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