Opportunity Backlog

Use customer insights to evaluate product opportunities

Store all your product ideas in one place, keep your backlog organised, link findings from user research and customer feedback to evaluate product opportunities.

How it works↴

Link customer insights to product opportunities

Store all your ideas in one place, connect insights from user research and customer feedback, refine specifications, and prioritise opportunities based on evidence, not opinions

How it helps ↴

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Create a safe place for all your product ideas

✔ Store new initiatives, feature requests, or product ideas as opportunities

✔ Keep track of who added them, and when they were added

✔ Order them visually and group them into themes

Build a pipeline to evaluate opportunities

✔ Customise stages to suit your teams needs

✔ Assign team members

✔ Track progress visually

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Measure customer demand

✔ Link findings from user research and customer feedback

✔ Score importance and satisfaction of customers

✔ Generate opportunity scores

✔ View number of linked customer profiles

Reference insights to refine specifications

✔ Link findings from user research and customer feedback

✔ Review connected evidence and see who the data comes from

✔ Refine scope and specification 

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Prioritise opportunities based on evidence

✔ Assign prioritisation scores

✔ Sort opportunities

✔ Filter opportunities

Turn qualitative insights into quantitative evidence

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Share Evidence

Generate opportunity scores based on evidence from customers, view number of people who the connected feedback comes from to compare opportunities in your backlog

Give Visibility

Give your stakeholders visibility into what you’re working on and why

Build Alignment

Review connected insights to align around user needs, and find solutions to address them together

Product teams love epiphany

I love being able to create these little snippets of feedback and classifying them. It's quantified, we can see how many people want something, compare them with other people's comments on the same feature.

Marc Verhees

Product Manager

It gives us a way to extract value from all the customer observations. We can keep track of what we have taken action on, and equally importantly, what we have not taken action upon, and circle back to it.

Rui Zhang

Data Product Manager

With epiphany, I don’t need to use five tools to share the interviews, and the insights that went into building the roadmap - I can show all of that in one single page.

Camila Costa Romero

Product Manager

We use epiphany to test product hypotheses on customers before we start in this investing money to these projects. For us, it's part of our product development process.


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