Insight Management

Find patterns in what your customers are saying

Build a tagging system for your learnings, organise key findings in your data, visualise themes, synthesise insights, share them with your team to prioritise opportunities based on evidence, not opinions - all while working together in real-time.

How it works↴

Integrate research insights into your product planning

Organise customer learnings, search and visualise findings to find patterns, link customer insights to product opportunities and make data-driven decisions

How it helps ↴

Desktop and Mobile illustration

Add any kind of qualitative data you gather from your customers

✔ Format content with a rich text editor

✔ Add tables

✔ Store media files in context

✔ Edit content in real-time with your team

Organise learnings with your team

✔ Build a tagging system

✔ Tag key findings in your data

✔ Keep track of your progress

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Find out what your customers
care about most

✔ Visualise findings by channels, topics, customers, segments

✔ Use filters to zoom in and out of data

✔ Track everything to data from your customers

Share what you learn, and inspire ideation

✔ Create evidence-based insights

✔ Add rich-text commentary

✔ Store media files in context

✔ Export as PDF [coming soon]

✔ Brainstorm and capture ideas

Desktop and Mobile illustration
Desktop and Mobile illustration

Quickly find relevant customer learnings

✔ Search based on channels, keywords, customers, etc.

✔ Filter by tags, segments, notes, created by, etc.

✔ Combine filters to build queries

✔ Sort by date, frequency, etc.

Bring all your customer learnings to one place

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Build a shared understanding of your customers needs

Real-time Collaboration

Work together in real-time as you review and analyse learnings in your data from user research and customer feedback

Faster Analysis

Quickly organise findings by highlighting key information in your data and tagging them

Evidence-based Insights

Reference key findings to summarise findings from your research, share them with your team to inspire ideation

Product teams love epiphany

It allows you to see all the different things, across so many scripts, and so many highlights, at one glance. It just makes everything so easy to look through… And the best part, I think, is that it allows people to work remotely and collaboratively.

Shaina Tan

Service Designer
At a Hospital

In my last study with epiphany, I used 2 days to summarise my whole week’s 15 interviews, and make it presentable to the internal team. It took me 3-4 days in the past and the only thing I got was walls full of post-it-notes.

Donnie Lee

UX Researcher
Alibaba Inc

Being able to just quickly get to the information that I need,. that I've already got, I see that as invaluable.

Nechari Riley

UX Researcher

epiphany makes analysing user interviews and drawing insights from them a breeze. It's so intuitive and powerful that there is no learning curve. I'm in love with this tool. It reduced weeks worth of thematic analysis to mere days.

Rahul Hareendran

UX Architect
At a bank

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